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LBH Artistry Boutique

Herb Bags

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5G Mini Herb bags perfect for any spiritual need.


White Sage: Wisdom + Emotional Strength

Red Clover: Fidelity + Love

Witch Grass: Reversing hexes

Nettles: Dispelling darkness

St. Johns Wart: Protection + Happiness

White Willow Bark: Working with the Moons energy + Binding Spells

Lavender: Purity + Calmness 

Colts Foot: Divination + Tranquility

Rosemary: Substitute for any herb spells

Ginkgo Leaf: Aphrodisiac + Fertility

Echinacea: Strengthens power of spells + Powerful healer

Catnip: Love + Happiness

Lemon Balm: Love potions + Aphrodisiac

Alfalfa Leaf: Spells for money

Comfrey Leaf: Magical Healing + Protection

Hyssop: Purification + Lightness