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LBH Artistry Boutique

Lash Adhesives / Glue

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$35.00 USD
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$35.00 USD

 Adhesive information described at optimal environment.
For professional use only. LBH is not responsible for misuse or incorrect use of product. 
Adhesives are listed with standard pricing.  Check out pricing may reflect standard pricing or sale pricing. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.
Please email before purchasing if you have any questions. 

PRINCESS $25: Dries in 2-3 seconds. Retention 5-6 weeks. (Humidity 20-60%, Temp 65-75F)

QUEEN $35: Dries in 1-2 seconds. Retention 5-6 weeks. (Humidity 20-60%, Temp 65-75F)

KING $40: Dries in .05 seconds.. Retention 6-8 weeks. (Humidity 40-60%, Temp 55-60F)

KINGDOM$45: Dries in .05 seconds.  6-8 weeks. (Humidity 20-60%, Temp 55-80F)

EMPRESS $35: Dries in 1-2second.  Retention 5-6 weeks. (Humidity 50-60%, Temp 65-75F). CLEAR.

For professional use only.